Authorised and Unauthorised Providers

     This Eastern Catholic Metropolia (Chaldean-Syrian) has been requested by our vicar-bishops, missionary bishops, archdeacons, chor-episcopa, parish priests, and parishioners to document what business firms, organisations and/or companies which provide quality services to their customers. Likewise, we were requested to document which organisations and businesses should not be financially supported by members of the clergy and laity of this church jurisdiction (2.9 million souls).
       Therefore we shall list, as occasion requires and document the circumstances which led to the determination to be authorised or unauthorised providers, not only on this church web site but also to be posted in every parish church, organisation, hospice etc.

       Unauthorised Providers: in accordance with the canon laws (synodus) of this church jurisdiction forbids every member of the clergy, every parish church, church institution, and/or church foundations are not permitted to purchase products or services, donate funds, nor permitted to utilise the premises of any of our church buildings or organisational building spaces.
       A. The American Red Cross: the Golden Gate Chapter headquartered in San Francisco and the Sacramento-Sierra Chapter.
       Darcy Mironov, Manager of Authorised Provider Service Programme in San Francisco and Helen Murrish, Manager of Instructor Relations of the Sacramento-Sierra Chapter for insulting the Holy Priesthood of this Metropolia (Archdiocese) and one of our priests (our medical-legal consultant) who was a volunteer CPR Instructor for over 25 + years. Our priest conducted the annual CPR Professional Health Care Professionals for our cloistered nuns in Dezember. The Metropolia (Archdiocese) has signed an authorised provider agreement with the San Francisco Chapter, especially for our cloistered nuns who care for the discarded newborn A.I.D.S. infants. Father conducted his annual course in Dezember 2009 as usually. Now Darcy Mironov refuses to provide the CPR renewal cards for our nuns who successfully completed the CPR Courses. Mrs. Murrish, by her silence in common law, e.g. “silence is interpreted as agreement” has concurred with Mrs. Mironov.
       This metropolitan attempted to complete the computerised forms and because we made one mistake—providing the chancellery address as the location of where the courses were provided rather than the address of All Saints’ Parish in Daly City. Because we made this mistake our nuns must suffer.
       Further, in her e-mails, Mrs. Mironov ordered not only this Metropolitan but also our priest/instructor to present ourselves to her office immediately.
       At what period of time did this Metropolia loose its autocephalous canonical standing? When did this Metropolitan and our clergy come under the authority of her office and Red Cross chapter, to be ordered about? She further impugned the honour of our archdiocese and our clergy in her communications.
       We are all well aware of the previous scandals concerning the American Red Cross nationally. We do not have the time to play these managers “power head games.” Everyone is well aware our schedule is set up to 3 months in advance.
       Therefore, we have withdrawn the volunteer services of our priest/instructor. In addition, our California clergy, parishes, foundations, and hospices are forbidden to assist these two Red Cross Chapters, until such time as these individuals apologise in writing to our priest/instructor and our cloistered nuns as well as issue our nuns their 2009 CPR cards for Professional Rescuers.