Authorised and Unauthorised Providers

This Eastern Catholic Metropolia (Chaldean-Syrian) has been requested by our vicar-bishops, missionary bishops, archdeacons, chor-episcopa, parish priests, and parishioners to document what business firms, organisations and/or companies which provide quality services to their customers. Likewise, we were requested to document which organisations and businesses should not be financially supported by members of the clergy and laity of this church jurisdiction (2.9 million souls).

Therefore we shall list, as occasion requires and document the circumstances which led to the determination to be authorised or unauthorised providers, not only on this church web site but also to be posted in every parish church, organisation, hospice etc.      

Unauthorised Providers: in accordance with the canon laws (synodus) of this church jurisdiction forbids every member of the clergy, every parish church, church institution, and/or church foundations are not permitted to purchase products or services, donate funds, nor permitted to utilise the premises of any of our church buildings or organisational building spaces.

Not Authorised Provider throughout the Archdiocese (especially within the State of California)

Firm: Custom Development of California (Licensed Contractor) CSLB 798537
11230 Gold Ricer Express, Suite 332
Gold River, CA 95670 Telephone: 916.233.1154 also 800.340.9711

Failure to implement Warranty in a timely manner and numerous Broken Promises and no final inspection by their licensed contractor at our home for our Disabled/Retired Priests.

On 25 March 2014, the Metropolitan (Metran) received Mr. Tim Stephenson, Sales Manager of this firm. A contract was signed for $8,204.00 to install a walk-in disabled shower with disabled hand rails and built in seat. The Metran was promised that upon completion of the installation, the licensed contractor would inspect the work.

On 17 April 2014, installation completed; per Installation Manager, the team that did the installation was their finest crew. No instruction manuals were provided for the new shower heads, etc. The Installation Manager did not come to the construction site, no final inspection was completed. He made two different appointments and did not show nor inform us of his not coming.

The supervisor of the instillation crew (Vasile R.) was late the second day; he signed off the warranty and left with his two crewmen to finish the job—Nickolay K. Signed off the warranty installation. The supervisor left early because he had to get ready for his next installation. No licensed contractor inspected the work.

Upon the first usage, it was discovered that the shower handle which controls the temperature was incorrectly installed. Instead of starting off: cold, warm, to hot---it went HOT, warm, cold. The parts were installed backwards; new parts had to be ordered. When new parts arrive, Nickolay K. only wanted to install one of the three parts; we had to insist he install all the parts. Suddenly he stated “he does not speak English” The supervisor was contacted and all the parts were installed (in Ukrainian). We had to call for further repairs: the stainless steel disabled handle bars were dripping RUST. During installation they did not coat the screw to hold the disabled bars.

Then the sliding glass door safety track came off. We informed the president of the corporation, Mr. David Brotman of the problems via telephone voice mail. We took the part to Home Depot; we were informed the wrong strength tape was utilised; the repairs would be $2.45 and $5.75. We purchased the items since three weeks had elapsed and no parts were ordered by Custom Development of California. We left a message with repair department---no response. We then began sending a weekly e-mail requesting when the warranty work would be done. This went on for over 18+ weeks.

We contacted “Call Kurtis” of Channel 13 television who does exposes on such problems and seeks resolution. Mary McCarron, Special Project Manager responded with great interest; she could not believe what has occurred to our disabled priest, Father Jakob who survived 30 years in the Russian Gulags.

We instructed the priests not to utilise the shower until it was repaired, under warranty. Father Jakob, 94 years of age, was going to preach a retreat for priests in San Francisco. He utilised the shower; upon exiting the shower, he began to slip and grabbed the towel rack on the glass door. The doors were unstable and he fell knocking his head. Out of concern for the other priests, he attached the Home Depot parts to the shower doors to provide safety and further accidents. We personally tested the identical glass shower doors with the same safety track in place. We recreated the “accident”; we weigh over 150 lbs more than Father Jakob and the glass doors with the safety track held in place and we did not fall to the floor. Hence, if the safety track had been replaced in a timely manner, no accident would have occurred.

Three days later, Father Jakob died. The autopsy listed the cause of death due head trauma due to injury haemorrhage to the brain. If we desired to press charges, the coroner stated he would recommend a minimum of second degree manslaughter due to the prolonged lack of repair We informed David Brotman of Channel 13’s interest in our case; suddenly on a Sunday night, they found the parts and wanted to come out immediately to repair the shower doors.

We informed Mrs. Mary McCarron that the sliding glass shower door had been fixed by Father Jakob before his death. Therefore, we should not proceed with the television taping and showing.

Therefore this firm is designated as an unauthorised provider throughout this entire Archdiocese; this notice shall be posted in every church, parish social hall, in all of our institutions so that the laity and visitors to our web site would not utilise this “licensed contractor” who failed to install the shower temperature control valve properly, failed to have a licensed contractor certify the work, broke every promise (7) and failed to fulfil their warranty legal requirements for over 21+ weeks. Their “stainless steel” disabled grab bars are still leaking rust.

Obviously we shall never recommend this firm and shall proceed to file a legal complaint with the State of California Licensed Contractor Board.

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