The Synod of Bishops

We welcome and introduce to you our two newest Bishops:

His Grace, Bishop Mar John of Darin, O.S.J., D.D.
The Vicar-Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of Honolulu
In Hawaii

His Grace, Bishop Mar Josef of Zaitun, O.S.A., D.D.
The Vicar Bishop of the Diocese of the Philippine Islands

The Office of the Metropolitan and the Synod of Bishops composes the authority of this Eastern Catholic Metropolia (Chaldean-Syrian). It is composed of 25 active Vicar-Bishops and four retired Vicar-Bishops and Auxiliary Bishops. All are voting members in the Synod of Bishops. All bishops are Vicars to the Office of the Metropolitan See, that is, there are the extensions of the Metropolitan to their diocese. Our Vicar-Bishops are resident within the United States, Canada, Central and South America, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. One of our Vicar-Bishops is also the Archimandrite for our monastery in South Korea.

The Synod of Bishops is convened at the pleasure of the Office of the Metropolitan See to govern and establish the necessary Canon Laws and necessary interpretations of the Canon Laws and Theological Decrees to assist the clergy in their ministries.  The Synod of Bishops also endorses the Ancient Canons of the Church and provides guidance in the proper interpretation for implementation within our current modern times.  The Synod of Bishops does not hold any authority to abolish the Ancient Canons of the Early and Undivided Church.

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